Meet Goodies

I created LookBook by Goodies to inspire budding fashionistas not to shy away from style just because it seems hard to keep up with. This LookBook is for girls like me, who love to try on anything, and sometimes everything, depending on the day. I see an open closet door as an invitation to express ourselves and to feel good doing it.

As a soft spoken and reserved adolescent, I discovered myself through clothing and turned to style as a form of communication. As I got older, I began taking fashion risks and loved the unintended confidence I gained as a result. I no longer worried about the dreaded “fashion faux pas” and instead, I created looks because I liked them, not because they were tried and true.

Where does the name “Goodies” come from? I was the girl who always had the “Goodies”—be it the coolest blouse a friend needed for a Friday night party, the nail polish that was the perfect shade of red for a dance teammate’s date night, or the best technique to French braid my sister’s hair. I was always a walking Goody Bag of styling opportunities for the girls around me. Later, my older sister convinced me to start my own blog, where I could share all of my “Goodies” and have a creative outlet and hobby, doing what I enjoy most, styling. Now, as a recent graduate living in an influential city, I’m excited about what’s to come as I follow my passions into the world of style and beauty, and I want to bring you along too, through my blog.

Sydnie Eidelman


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